Molten's Green Tech Solution

Plastic to Asphalt™ technology

A Novel Solution to Aged Asphalt

Cost competitive to petrochemical additives, Molten's recycling agent enhances Temperature and Load performance of aged asphalt pavement.

Process Innovation

Molten’s proprietary process reduces carbon emissions by more than 90% compared to incineration.

When produced with Molten's proprietary biomass derived catalyst the entire process is carbon negative.

Disrupting the Status Quo

Molten’s proprietary chemical process converts non recyclable waste plastic into high-value asphalt additives that reverse the aging of old asphalt pavement and increase its lifespan.

Molten’s newest rejuvenation additive line is engineered to allow a significantly higher amount of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) in a paving mix.

  • Reduced virgin materials required
  • Reduced job site fuel usage

Helping the paving industry achieve a circular economy while reducing cost!